About the club

The Centrum Table Tennis Club was created in 1995 at the Polish Cultural Centre in Mississauga.  It was an initiative undertaken by several players of a polish background.  It is a non profit organization dedicated to the development of the sport of table tennis in the surrounding region.  Therefore players in the area can now enjoy the benefits of participating in organized events and regular training sessions.

Since its creation the club has had many successful events. One of the largest annually held events is known as the Closed Polish Table Tennis Championship. On February 24, 2019 took place the championship for its 24th consecutive year.
Official Poster for XXIV 2019 Polish Closed Tournament PDF

Although the club has very close ties with the Polish Cultural Centre and polish community, everybody is welcome to come and play and become a club member, regardless of cultural background.  The club is owned by the club members, who are governed by the club board. For current rules and organizational structure refer to the club rules.

The objective of the club is to create an environment where playing table tennis is fun and can be done in friendly and competitive atmosphere.

Our facilities are:

  • 10 professional tables
  • 1 table tennis roobot
  • 1 main room that can accommodate more than 10 tables
  • 1 smaller room

The club is located in the Polish Cultural Centre, there are 2 cafés and 1 bowling room.

John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre
4300 Cawthra Road, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1V8